Purchase BONE INK here

Finally, finally, finally! The updated version of Bone Ink is available for pre order from the excellent people at UWA Publishing. The updated edition includes all the original poems plus an extra 25 poems exploring the Bone Ink world.

Head over to UWA publishing to pre order a copy.  

Thanks, R


It feels pretty great to update this post. Bone Ink is due to be re-published in Oct 2019 by UWA Publishing. So, I strongly recommend waiting a few months for the updated version! It’ll include an extra 40 pages of poems and a few tweaks on the existing poems.

But if you’re desperate for the original I might still have a few copies floating around, hit the link below and I’ll be in touch.


The publisher of my first collection of poems has folded, which means it takes a little effort to get hold of BONE INK at the moment.

You can get copies directly from me or from a few bookstores around Sydney who have been cunning enough to approach me for stock.

Recently another publisher picked up the collection and it will be easier to find soon.


Here’s a bit of info about the collection –

These vivid poems meld wild energy with meticulous crafting. They trace the tactile, the remembered and the sensuous, tracking young lives as they unfold under a ‘deadpan sky’. With their exquisite music, fresh and startling images, they are variously evocative, mournful and vibrant. They witness the gritty, the violent and the intense with unflinching focus, probing atonement and resolution as their histories rise and subside. This is an exceptionally assured and original debut.
Felicity Plunkett

Rico Craig’s Bone Ink is an electrifying collection. From the lost legacy of a Malay childhood to star-crossed lovers in Sydney’s Bella Vista Drive, Craig’s characters court danger with grand desperation and an urgent desire to escape. Born of trauma and passion these poems strive to outrun their own destinies, deliquescing into painful and exquisite explorations of memory and nostalgia. Like shoes left dangling on powerlines or ghostly hand-prints cast into concrete, Bone Ink stamps its distinctive mark on the landscape of Australian poetry.
Michele Seminara

Urban, decadent, dystopian; in Rico Craig’s Western Suburbs there are many countries, caliphates, Terracotta warriors and Arctic shelves. With ‘the taste of a derelict future,’ his working class songs and spells have a political consciousness that is unafraid to be mythopoetic. Bone Ink is a fine debut from a poet to watch, whose work has already crossed national borders.

Michelle Cahill



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