Blackberry Caliphate at Cordite

Very happy to have my poem Blackberry Caliphate in the latest issue of Cordite Poetry Review.

‘There are leaves to pick from your hair; I kiss
the grease on your neck, your exhaust fume breath
buries the shape of words in my ear.’

from Blackberry Caliphate

It’s a fantastic issue, edited by Fiona Wright and Omar Sakr, with new translations from poets Najwan Darwish and Vahe Arsen, an excellent essay from Michelle Cahill, and amazing poems from Ania Walwicz, Phillip Hall and Wale Owoade…plus heaps more.

Images in the issue are from Annette Willis; her Remnants collection – twelve images exploring abandoned spaces – fits magically with some of the poems in the issue.

Check it out – Cordite Poetry Review

And a friendly reminder, as of April 2017, my first collection – BONE INK – is available here




  1. Stunning poem, Rico! (Could you get a follow by email button do you think? I always miss your posts.)

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