Emperor of 32 Bella Vista Drive

Emperor of 32 Bella Vista Drive

His daughter has outgrown the suburban vista,
outlived artless childhood devotion, now a tussle twists
in every conversation. She rails against these ancient guards,
their empty hands, their ceramic topknots.

A short extract from a poem I recently had published at Cordite Poetry Review

It’s a fantastic issue, edited by Judith Beveridge and including amazing poets such as: Jill Jones, Louis Armand, Joanne Burns, Tricia Dearborn, Omar Sakr, Chloe Wilson and heaps more. Totally worth spending some time there.

It also contains artworks from Chun Yin Rainbow Chan; the image in this post is from her Mass Culture collection.

Emperor of 32 Bella Vista Drive is included in my, just released, collection – BONE INK – available here.


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