Bone Ink – launched part 2!

Finally, launched my first collection of poetry – Bone Ink – last Friday at Gleebooks in Sydney! The image above is a copy of my first every author copies. Still feeling like I got away with something…

The collection is available here

Now I start to bombard you all with convincing arguments to buy a copy of the book. So here’s Michele Seminara’s blurb, she’s a fantastic poet and editor of the journal Verity La. Check out her work here and it’s worth having a look at Verity La, they’re always publishing new, exciting writing from an amazing array of poets and prose writers.

Rico Craig’s Bone Ink is an electrifying collection. From the lost legacy of a Malay childhood to star-crossed lovers in Sydney’s Bella Vista Drive, Craig’s characters court danger with grand desperation and an urgent desire to escape. Born of trauma and passion these poems strive to outrun their own destinies, deliquescing into painful and exquisite explorations of memory and nostalgia. Like shoes left dangling on powerlines or ghostly hand-prints cast into concrete, Bone Ink stamps its distinctive mark on the landscape of Australian poetry.
Michele Seminara

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