BABIES IN HER HAIR at Mikrokosmos Journal

Great to have a poem up at Mikrokosmos Journal – Mojo #15. You can find my poem, Babies in Her Hair, in among a line up of fascinating pieces and some great visual art.

The visual art is from Alex Moore, his image to accompany Babies in Her Hair is below.

Babies in Her Hair will be one of the extra poems added to the Bone Ink collection when it’s re-released by UWAP in 2019.

Here a short extract from the poem, to read the rest head over to Mojo #15

Soon you’ll be locked in your cabin.
Breathe with the old woman as she combs babies

from her hair. They’ll drop, fine as insects,
to the ground, translucent embryos
in motion, crawling for the gap
beneath the door, a subtle swarm
disappearing into the sunlit corridor.



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