A Cheekbone For You To Climb Over – in Stilts Journal Issue 3

Pretty sure this will be my last publication of the year. It’s feeling like a great way to finish off: issue three of a revamped Australian journal – Stilts, a new poem alongside some  fantastic writers – Judith Beveridge, Maria Takolander, Anne Elvey, Anne Casey and Bonnie Cassidy

A Cheekbone For You To Climb Over is one of the new poems that will be part of the expanded reprint of Bone Ink due out with UWA Publishing in 2019. I’m really happy to have it out in the world, it reminds me of a lot of things – London in winter, secrets in stairwells and council flats.

Here’s a short extract, to read the rest head over to Stilts Journal.

A Cheekbone For You To Climb Over

There were nights you ate grass,
just because it was cold and the taste
reminded you not to smoke;

carried tufts in your pocket to chew
as we drifted place to place in mini-cabs,
meditating against the cold. Nothing is solid,

we are as transparent as the terraces,
our boots empty; most of what we know
holds court in the first light morning tricks

over the nearest horizon.



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