Deciphering The Dust: In Three Places

And a friendly reminder, as of April 2017, my first collection – BONE INK – is available here. This is one of the poems that didn’t make it into the collection.

Deciphering The Dust: In Three Places

Had an excellent time a couple of weekends ago collaborating with a team of poets, illustrators and filmmakers to create a filmpoem in 48 hours. We were completing in a competition organised by Cinepoems in Glasgow.

Our team included three poets – Clare Archibald, Ally Gillon and Rico Craig, an illustrator  -Brian McHenry and a filmmaker – Ivan Gonzalo Moyano.

In 48 hours, spread across three countries (and three time zones) we managed to write a three part poem following the journey of a ghostly character – Riddles – through different locations. The separate sections of the poem, through illustration and text try to capture the lingering mysteries of each place. Gonzalo has animated Brian’s illustrations and added collections of found sounds recorded at each location.



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