Goodbye a Premonition at Glass

Glass: A Journal of Poetry has included my poem Goodbye, a Premonition as part of their National Poetry Month issue.

It’s an awesome issue from a journal that’s consistently publishing excellent poetry. If you have dig around their site it’s also worth checking out the Glass Poetry Press chapbook series from 2016/17 – the Jennifer Givhan collection is particularly excellent.

Here’s what I had to say about my poem: “My writing is often a fragmented investigation of place and transformative moments in the lives of young people. “Goodbye, a premonition” comes from the western suburbs of Sydney, from places where there are roads passing over creeks, where sometimes the best place to be is under a bridge with people you love more than you’ll ever love your family. And as you wait there, out of the rain, you know something will go wrong, and someone will try in an ineffectual way to help, and the only thing left after they fail is to build a memorial to the people who were hiding with you. This poem is digging down into the soil, trying to find a way to remember the people who hid with us.”


And here’s an extract. To read the rest of the poem, head over to: Goodbye, a Premonition

 And a reminder, my first collection – BONE INK –  is available here

Goodbye, a Premonition

Our vows are lifted from the menu at Happy Cup
your smile comes in three flavours


We’re hiding from rain
clouds in our ears pinkies bound with sugar syrup


Saviours arrive in white smocks eager with motion         first a van
then the promise of a bed for the night

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