New Poems at Glasgow Review of Books

Very happy to have two poems at the Glasgow Review of Books.

Here’s a couple of extracts.

Reunion – Our Suburban Lingua

‘All our dreams are plasma-struck,

defenceless. I’m here in the carpark ready to spit words,

stain the gravel between these tidy, auto-locked mockeries’

Reunion is set in the western suburbs of Sydney, in a round about way it follows on from my poem Blackberry Caliphate, published last year in Cordite.

Life Savers

‘We’re trapped in this vodka decade,

battered by the aftertaste of Skinny Bitches,

lime between our fingers, septums

scraped raw’

Just in case anyone is wondering, Skinny Bitches was/is Surry Hills’ slang for a vodka and lime, pretty sure there are still a few goateed bartenders out there using it.  

Head over to the Glasgow Review of Books to see the complete poems.

And a friendly reminder, as of April 2017, my first collection – BONE INK – is available here



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