BONE INK – awarded Anne Elder Prize 2017

Bone Ink is getting so much love at the moment, I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but last week it was awarded the Anne Elder Prize 2017!

Here’s the announcement:

Rico Craig has won the prestigious 2017 Anne Elder Poetry Award with a work ‘Bone Ink’ adjudged by Libby Hart and Eileen Chong as exciting and deeply moving. The judges said Rico’s work was a highly original and unflinching voice that traversed the poet’s stomping grounds of Western Sydney and Malaysia, as well as evoking other locations.

“The poems within Bone Ink are cinematically vivid explorations of intimacy, brotherhood, violence and fate. Craig crafts all of this with an assured and wild vibrancy. His adept handling of modern working class life is not only brave, but essential reading. What is at the crux of this collection is not disadvantage and struggle, but rather the love and honour of true connection.” 

I feel lucky to have a book out in the world and even more fortunate to know that there are people reading and enjoying the writing. Great also to be listed with the fantastic poets who were on the list: Bella Li, Omar Sakr and Shastra Deo.

And yeah, if you’re after a copy you can pick one up here! 



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