Keno Limbo at Prelude Magazine

And a friendly reminder, as of April 2017, my first collection – BONE INK – is available for order from Guillotine Press. This is one of the poems that didn’t make it into the collection.


‘for too long i have lugged your many tongues
my fingers fret at them
the little brown shapes’

from Keno Limbo

This seems like cunning planning, but really it’s a lucky coincidence. In the last couple of weeks parts 1 and 3 of my Blackberry Caliphate sequence have been published at different magazines.

Part One is at the most recent issue of Cordite Poetry Review.

Part Three is up at Prelude Magazine, a fantastic journal based in New York. Check them out, they make a habit of publishing challenging and innovative poetry.

Part Two is floating around in the slush piles of various magazines around the globe, fingers crossed it’ll be picked up soon.





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