Cicada Wings – in Grieve vol 7

Super happy to have my poem Cicada Wings in the latest Grieve Anthology – released by Hunter Writers Centre! This is an annual project run by the writers centre collecting poetry, non fiction and pieces of fiction that explore ideas around grief and loss. There are some great pieces in the current collection.

My poem – Cicada Wings – is also included in the updated version of my collection Bone Ink – which is now available for pre order from UWA Publishing.

The updated version of Bone Ink includes all the original poem plus and additional 25 poems that explore the Bone Ink world.

Here’s a section from Cicada Wings:

Cicada Wings

They say the youngest child dies
on a Sunday. I wish I’d beaten more time
into your chest. Our twenties were carved from dust;

a decade living casual, lugging bubble-wrapped computers,
drinking gin from Solo cans while we waited
in loading bays for delivery trucks to arrive.

The best nights were spent in parked cars, telling lies
to shoestring glamours with tatts on their wrists;
they held your face like a stolen knife.

You collected friends, hoarded each breath
in your shoebox full of cicada wings.
You told me how we were all insects caught in stone,

preserved between layers of rock.


You can pick up a copy of the anthology here. 

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