Four Children, Fifty-Seven Envelopes – Rico Craig


Fantastic to have a new poem – Four Children, Fifty-Seven Envelopes – included in issue 11 of Spry Literary Journal.

The poem is an odd exploration of confusion and reflection created by loss. The first stanza is below, to read the whole poem head over to Spry Lit for a look.

Tonight, at the back fence, on my knees
in the bed where pumpkin vines
have turned to ogres,
I’m hiding teeth, enamelled seeds,
two knuckles deep
in the cold earth.

This poem is one of the new poems that will be included in the updated republication of Bone Ink.

Speaking of – I’m super happy to share the news that UWA Publishing have decided to re-release Bone Ink in October 2019. The updated version will include all the poems from the original version, including some that have been slightly reworked, and forty pages of new poems. It’s great to know that soon Bone Ink will be back out in the world.


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