New poems in NOBLE/GAS QTRLY

Head over to the latest Noble/Gas Qtrly, it’s a pretty great issue with writing from some exciting poets like – Scherezade Siobhan and Hannah Cohen, you’ll also find two new poems from me.

The first is – Basketball in Davao

The opening stanza is below, you can check out the rest over at Noble/Gas Qtrly.

your hand rips holes in darkness
right arm orchestrating lay ups
hawk’s instinctive lust when you land
chain net rattling applause 

The second poem is called – Shape of the Earth

Here’s the first stanza, the rest is waiting over at Noble/Gas Qtrly.

It starts with crystal powder at our feet, split geodes on the terrace
in Tangier. Quartz-lined segments split along ancient seams. We reach at pieces
and under our fingers the broody guise forgets shape. You gather
a sack of fragments, what we can carry, and lead to the port.

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