Join my workshop with Queensland Poetry Festival

The Queensland Poetry Festival will be running online this year, with readings and workshops that would have been face to face now sliding into the world of Zoom. I’ll be joining the fun next month and running a poetry workshop. I guess the good thing about being online is that people from other parts of the country/world can join in.

People familiar with my writing will know that I like to let the everyday and the epic rub up against each other. In this workshop we’ll be looking at how you might be able to do this in your own writing, why you might want to do it, and how seasoning the universality of epics with the particularities of everyday experience is great way to draw readers into your writing.

Workshop details are below – all the times mentioned are Australian Eastern Standard, prices are Aust$$. Jump on the link to book a place.

The Everyday Epic with Rico Craig

Our world is full of epic, otherworldly moments: clouds shifting, the hunt for new earrings, people changing car tyres. There are thousands of everyday experiences poets can use as inspiration for their writing. In this workshop we’ll sift through the seemingly mundane, searching for the moments we can expand to epic significance. We’ll bring our poetic vision to bear on the ordinary world and look at the way a few poetic tricks can be used to expand a reader’s perception of the worlds we share in our poetry.


This session, delivered via Zoom, is limited to 20 participants.

Tickets cost $30 full/$20 concession 

In addition, the first five participants who book can also choose to send their full poem (up to 20 lines) to Rico for further feedback. This will cost an additional $20. To add on this option, select both your workshop ticket and the ‘ADD personalised feedback’ option — in your confirmation, this will appear as ‘two spaces’.

About Rico

Rico Craig is a facilitator and award-winning poet. Since 2012, he has worked with the Story Factory, creating and leading writing workshops across the country. His poetry collection BONE INK was winner of the 2017 Anne Elder Award and shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize 2018.

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