Suburban elegies: Bone Ink by Rico Craig


I have been drawn to poetry more than ever this year. A sign of the times. Poetry offers an antidote, a distillation of imagery and emotion, in a world that assaults our senses through the 24-hour news cycle and social media. But, it is also a reflection of my own evolution as a reader and a writer. I want to immerse myself in language, structure, and form. Poetry opens knots in my prose.

But writing about poetry tends to intimidate the non-poet, or the person who has not been trained to read it. But I write about prose without any special training. My intention is typically to attempt to write through the experience of reading a work, a process that, in itself, feeds a deeper reading. So why can’t I apply the same logic to writing about poetry? No reason at all.

Which brings me to Bone Ink, the…

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  1. Stumbling onto this post this morning and reading Roughghosts review I realized – I have to get a copy of Bone Ink! Hopefully it isn’t a problem to get one over to Canada! I’ll soon find out. I really love your writing Rico.

      1. When I get to the check out it doesn’t let me fill anything in. Heads are there for Contact, Shipping and Payment – but no fields to fill in.

      2. Bone Ink is on its way to Nova Scotia. I emailed re: the problem and Mark at Guillotine straightened it out. Looking very forward to having your book in my hands!

  2. I’m heading out for a couple of days (being called as I write this) but when I get back I’ll figure it out. It could be my browser but I doubt it as I’m using Chrome. I’ll figure it out though.

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