Once Wild – Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology 2014

I’m very happy to have my poem Lampedo included in the Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology. It’s great to see a competition committed to the long form. There are many fantastic examples in this collection of poems that examine the layers and shifts within emotions. Nothing is simple and the long form gives us a chance to dig into the complexities.

Once Wild is available from the Hunter Writers Centre

Here’s an extract from Lampedo

Night of the warriors

On the night your one-breasted warriors

came across the hill, we were a city

acquiescent. Half-alive shamblers,

well-meaning brick-buyers camped mute

in row upon row of cold terraces, waiting

to be delivered from our stale flesh.

The battle was short. We fell at a touch.

In the fox-mist blown from your lungs,

warriors sliced our city tongues and licked

us bloodless. Your Amazonian sisters

plundered a few febrile hours. At dawn, only

you remained. I rose with the mark of your hair

in my fist.

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