In the house with my golden-haired sisters

One of my favourite publications of the last twelve months is in Everybody is People, it’s a small zine style publication run by the 37d03d collective. It’s totally beautiful! In Issue 05 you’ll find my poem In the house with my golden-haired sisters, it’s an early version of the poem that became – There are various narrative arcs in seasons 5, 6 and 7 of Full House that remain unresolved from Our Tongues Are Songs

Everybody is PEOPLE is a print-only community paper that began on the grounds of the Eaux Claires Festival in the summer of 2018. Each issue is a collection of submissions from the audience, alongside insights, interviews, and more from members of the 37d03d collective and beyond. The prompt for Issue 05 was – Play.

The issue is 8” x 10” Riso printed newspaper-style zine designed an printed by CBS, with screen printed postcard and “chop-it-yourself flipbook” inside…It looks fantastic!

Here’s an extract from the poem:

In the house with my golden-haired sisters

The Olsen twins and I cohabitate;

white pickets surround the house,

they’re teen obsessives hoarding recycling and talking

about quinoa salads. Both of them front the world with L’Oreal

smeared on their foreheads, it’s always Ash Wednesday

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