Workshop!! THE ENDLESS I: Poetry in the first person

Super excited to be running a couple of workshops for then Queensland Poetry Festival! They’re all about the use of first person in poetry, the official blurb is here if you’d like to take a look.

THE ENDLESS I: Poetry in the first person

This workshop explores the use of first person in poetry, how it can be used by poets both as a way to engage with readers and as a way to invigorate the writing and creative process. During this workshop we will look at ways authors have used the I in their work to investigate the space between the poet and reader; we’ll look at the confessional I, the intellectual I, the embodied I, the machine I, the generated I, the transhuman I.

The work of a variety of poets will be explored and used as inspiration.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • completed at least two new poem drafts
  • learned new ideas about how to use the I in your poems in inventive, productive and unexpected ways.

I’ve had heaps of fun putting together the workshop, we’ll be looking at work from Alison Whittaker, Terrance Hayes, Natalie Diaz, Jorie Graham, Fran Lock and Bella Li.

You can get tickets here.

It runs Thurs the 24th June and Sun 27th June.

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