The excellent people at Cephalo Press have posted my poem Epistles. It’s a short, pretty dark piece that came from a period where I was experimenting with writing poems that came directly from tv shows or films. This poem is based on an episode from the second season of Babylon Berlin.

Recently I’ve been pulling together a group of poems that might become the core of my second collection – when I find a publisher. This poem is sitting at about page 30 of the manuscript…and the manuscript is ready for reading. If there are any publishers who happen to be reading, shoot me over a message.

Here’s the first stanza, head over to Cephalo Press to read the rest of the poem.


by Rico Craig


we’re carrying epistles

waking every morning

to a jug of cold water over our head

shaving by streetlights


…the rest is over at Cephelo Press


  1. I really enjoyed it – it fits the mood of our time: the last line was perfect. Hope you are well and staying safe and healthy!

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