The excellent people at Burning House do wonderful things, such as: publish a huge range of fascinating fiction, non fiction, images and poetry; use a different editor and theme each month; run a publishing house; and intermittently release a print mag called The Arsonist.

Three of my poems have recently been posted at Burning House. Here’s an extract from one, head over to Burning House have a look at rest.

In any city, in every tongue, we walk toward the heat of morning

the lost child of a thousand incandescent gatherings

          i’ve been sleeping at a bus stop


                                     to catch my sense before daylight

                    an intoxicated logarithm

                                             the pinpoint dance

                                                                  a satellite tracks above the sky

LA River

For the month of September the editor is Rachael de Moravia  and the theme is:


How do we explore notions of home through art? How do we express longing for—and belonging to—places and landscapes, to communities, to ideas? And what if we don’t belong anywhere? I’m drawn to work that examines why we travel — through exile, or to escape; by force, necessity or choice.

Rachael is sharing heaps of fantastic work, including images from Mary Frances, a short story from Tristan Foster, and poems from Petero Kalulé.

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