Lysergic Triptych in FIVE:2:ONE #16

It’s great to have a slightly more experimental poem out in the world, you can find Lysergic Triptych in the latest issue of Five:2:One magazine.

The poem uses a triptych structure, each of the three panels in the poem working with the others. Using the three panels I aimed to stretch the poem a little, distort the time of the narrative; and get people thinking about how, in memory, often repeated occurrences can slide into what seems like a single event. Panel 2 is below, if you have all three panels they jigsaw together into a single poem.

Five:2:One is an ace print and online magazine, you can get a copy of issue 16 here. There’s plenty of excellent writing and some great artwork from Arturo Guilliano Celestino – including the image in this post.

Lysergic Triptych – Panel 2

We played

endless games

on the blade


                                                            precision darts

– 501, 501, 501 –

          the barrel of his favourite 


                       Three games

                                                                with arithmetic

lessons and chalk dust

                                                                     was the future,

all we cared about were


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