Like Fish in the Pond


Like Fish in the Pond

you know nothing better

and continue our truth or dare

the conversation you always repeat

thinking me to be

someone I am not.


“Would you sell yourself

for another tube of Periwinkle Blue?”


I have not the heart to tell you

this is no longer possible.

I answer,


“We waste it on morning sky.”


I watch you stare from the window

at another befuddling dawn.

You reach for my arm; we descend

stairs, a palatial coil, your eyes

searching for a mansion

bedraggled enough to welcome

drips of paint and stalagmites of wax.

You look to me and say,


“It seems too neat.”


I follow your wrist waving

at the gleaming restoration. The white,

the chandelier, the dustless cornices. And I long

for dawn to disappear so you might bewilder

these changes with candlelight.

You sense my thought and ask,


“Where is my candelabra?”


I shake my head slightly

and crack the double doors

to another morning. We cross

the road, down a bank of grass

and enter the garden,

dew doesn’t bother our feet.


In the pond lacquered shadows

move under the water sheen. Scales;

orange, then a speckle of black. The fish

drift, circle and return, their tails cutting

the surface for a moment then slipping away.


You look at my face like I have stolen

your love, committed some treason

of which I know not. When your smile

returns it is empty and you ask,


“Would you sell yourself

for another tube of Periwinkle Blue?”


I look at the morning sky, shake

my head slightly and begin to speak


  1. I like the humor and the ironic impersonalism you’re developing here… also are the artworks your own are others in the earlier posts? I saw on your first post several stories or ? I’ll have to follow those up when I have more time… I’ll do that hopefully a little each day for a while… thanks again visiting glad you enjoyed…

      1. oh… have fun on that… have to admit just recently decided to move back to my poetry rather than philosophy … most of the past couple years was essays on contemporary speculative realism and other matters… but poetry was always my main path… enjoy the ride! I’ll enjoy exploring your site, too.

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